Friday, February 26, 2010

mosque experience and baby

For my cross cultural class we had to go and observe a cultural different from our own and i chose the middle eastern culture, specifically muslim. I went to the mosque tonight and actually enjoyed myself. It helped me to see what they believe as well as confirmed what i believe. It was a really good experience and has made me see that i really need to get out of my bubble more often. i really want to learn more about the Jewish culture, not just the heritage but the on going things that are happening now.

Still no baby, but she was having strong contractions last night so that is a good sign. her due date is march 5th so she is perfectly on time. I cannot wait til May where i get to finally see my cousin and my beautiful new addition. Good thing she is having kids, takes the pressure off me to start from the family. they dont really understand why we arent popping out kids already or why we arent even thinking about it in the next couple of years. Mexican families tend to be about big families, and Wazis is no exception. We will have our big family one day, just not for the next few years.

night for now

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