Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Hunger Games

I saw the Hunger Games tonight!!! I know I know, I wanted to read the first book first but after getting 6 chapters in I couldnt resist. At least I can now read it without being so scared of the ending. I am quite positive that I can enjoy the book more, knowing good and well that I will cry and feel happy and sad all over that book. Also it helped me to see how the people in the Capital look and sound like.

Friday, March 23, 2012

A week of changes

A lot has been going on in our household this week, and in life in general. Waz is going TDY for about 5 daysish and I am sad I dont get to see him for a few days. Also my position at the middle school as a Resource Aid with my middle schoolers ended today. I am sad and I really enjoyed working with the kids and feeling like I was making even a small difference in the kids who need a little extra helps life. I am still a sub, but now I am pretty much on call for work. It might give me some free time to catch up on everything else in life thats lacking behind like housework, social interaction, doing Jesus/reading time.

I had a hard week, I am sure I will post more about it later. For now though I will leave you with what has gotten me through this month. Its from the Help, " I am smart, I am kind, I am important" and also I would just say I am Mareisa and I am stronger than anything that comes my way. I can do everything I set my mind to and I will get through this. It is so crazy how just forcing myself to go on by changing my thinking actually forced me to continue. Everyday I will get stronger and more able to deal with my emotions, but until I can handle everything I will continue to self encourage. Take some time to encourage another person this week, even if they have a smile on their face their heart might need a hug.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Our fun weekend, plus I made a stinky meal

                             So this weekend the Waz and I went up to Cochem castle.
Besides the fact that it was bomb, Waz and I got a tour of the city and got a medieval dinner IN the castle. It was so delicious and fun and I couldnt stop smiling. I love getting a chance to just be married and fun and young in love. Sometimes you just need a day to remember you like being married to your spouse. He is seriously my best friend. Some days I want to choke him, but 99.8% of the time I look at him and think happy thoughts. I am so glad that I found a man who will put me on his back and carry me up that mountain even though I couldve walked it myself. He made everyone jealous and all the ladies made him feel like he was a boss by the time we got up to the castle. He showed out and wanted to prove he was the ultimate husband.

Anywho enough gushing. So dinner was rolls with lard ( it had herbs in it and it was delicious), veggie broth soup, a giant turkey leg, and two mugs of free wine. Ya'll know I loves me some wine. It had to have been like 40% considering after two SMALL glasses I was giggling like a school girl. Anywho we had a blast and Waz got carried out of the room on a bear skin since he ate all his food and some of mine.

I love traveling and vacationing and I especially love doing it with my hubs. He is sorta the only person who likes to travel as much as I do, as long as it isnt for work.

Food I destroyed this week.

It was supposed to be stuffed bell peppers with ground beef (or turkey in our case) with corn, vermicelli rice, onions, and other peppers cut up. I followed the recipe exactly and it still tasted horrible. I think had I precooked the rice it 1) wouldnt have been crunchy and 2) all the liquid from the green peppers being cooked might have actually absorbed into the food instead of seperating (picture two). So this was a big fat stinker. But since I am cheap and I do not like to waste food I made it better!
When you've got a whole mess of nasty, make nachos!!! I just took the veggies and ground meat threw it in a pan to cook longer and made nachos covered in moozzarella and pepperjack cheese. Yummies. Then we popped in the Muppet show and a good time was had by all.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Reasons I need to shop

So as I got dressed this week and realized Ive been wearing the same clothes since High school, same goes for the underwear. Yes they are clean, and I do laundry often but I am tired of wearing the same things over and over. I dont want to be that teacher that the students know what clothes I am going to wear before I even go in the classroom in the morning. Waz is going to be TDY for a week so while he is gone I am going to go shopping. I need literally everything. Shoes, pants, swimsuits, summer clothes, workout clothes, and work clothes. I cannot wait to shop and have spring break come and I actually not bake alive like a cannolli while I am outside. So I need shorts. I own 1 pair that are not workout shorts. I would like to have a reason to shave my legs this summer. Ive also realize that everything that Kate Middleton wears is what I want to wear but she wears her clothes well. I am sure she has a whole fashion team to help her get ready but her pieces are just simple and well put together.

Walking on the beach, created by jemeene25
I want this so I can look great and show off my ridiculous arms right now. At least before I dont go to the gym for like 3 weeks and they turn to waving flags again.

Love these!!

I want TOMS that actually look good with my beach gear I plan on splurging on.

omg this is perfect
I want to look like a real adult and own at least ONE blazer in my life. It doesnt even have to be in blue but how cute would this be with a long white t shirt and a metallic chain necklace with an owl on it. Oh owls how I love you. There are tons more but I cant stop myself from looking online at clothes and swimsuits.

OHHHHHHHHHH and I finished another book! I finish The Help finally! It was a great book and the only reason I didnt read through it in a few days was because I cant read at work haha. They frown upon kids running wild while the teacher reads in the classroom with her shoes off. I cannot wait for summer break. I need a book club for serious.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

So much organization! Plus foods we ate this week.

I am in super OCD mode at the moment. I've recently taken a position as part of our units FRG. I get to organize events and get people together and problem solve and I LOVE it. Im planning at the moment some surprises for the good people of the unit and Im so excited! I am quite sure when I get a few weeks in I will be exhausted but as always, organized. Can I also just say how much I love Robert's rules of order. Its like being in a real board meeting like when I was growing up and my Mom was on the school board and I had to go to EVERY meeting.

Anywho I forgot to post the foods we ate this week. A few days this week we had leftovers because I made the biggest lasagne ever which I have officially eaten it for lunch for the last 4 days...and I'll be eating it for the rest of the week.

 Even though it looks like it is boiling over and gross, its a chicken pot pie with a corn bread top. It was so delicious and the perfect mixture of creamy and just enough crust to mean something.
 Peas, slow cooker dijon chicken with garlicy noodles. This was the beginning of our eating healthier with new groceries plan. So far so good, everything we eat MUST have more veggy and carb than meat. Its not for weight loss so please do not freak out on me.
A beautiful fajita. Had I not already covered it in brown rice you would see that there are cut up red, yellow, and green peppers as well as onions. I think we added too many onions because I had to air out the house two days later from the intense eye burning. All in all adding the brown rice instead of spanish rice made it healthier and it was still delicious.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Our weekend and new pastor

This weekend was nice and relaxing. We went out to dinner with two couple friends we have and tried a new restaraunt in town that had old school goblets for wine and the pitcher of wine was this giant steel thing. Pretty much made me feel like I was dining in the middle ages. Of course the food was delicious so at least I wasnt eating a giant turkey leg.

We also went to church on Sunday (pretty much always go) and we've been attending this church since the fall and Waz and I enjoyed it alright enough to keep going. Well now there is a new pastor and I think he is amazing. He is trying to change the church in ways that I really enjoy. It also reminds me of our home church and how much I miss it. I love singing a song and getting so into it and the spirit moving and they keep the music going or you just hear the message and know that it is exactly what God wanted you to hear for that day. I love when I feel like church wasnt so much about me, but about Him. I am really excited to see the directions that he is taking the church. I love seeing how the bible correlates to our lives even today. Its not just about history, its about being Jesus' shadow. I dont always do what he would do but I do try to have his characteristics and grace.

Well there was your bible lesson of the month haha. Anywho I was just really excited about church today and we had a nice weekend full of fun.