Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Study Study Study, and Fun at the BBall championships

I had an amazing time with Kaela and sa tonight at the WJU basketball game. It was good to get out of the house and completely heckle an boo horrible refs and laugh with friends. I realized halfway through the game that this was the last basketball game i would ever go to at my college since it was the championship game and i graduate in 2 months. After the game we went out for frozen yogurt and laughed until we cried. I really love those girls, I am glad I have date night with them every week.

On another note, I probably should have been studying instead of going to the game because my graduation exams are in 2 weeks and i am in no way ready. I am alittle worried but Ive already started flashcards so that is a good sign. Once i pass these tests I am pretty much home free towards graduation. If i dont pass I dont graduate, so no pressure... Me and Wazi are trying to encourage eachother because he needs to pass some tests in order to phase up so he can move off base with me and i have to take a test in order to see him, its kind of cool. I miss that kid for sure, but now I have to study for a few midterms i have in the next few days, night for now!

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