Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Its like Im living the the 80's

So now that I am on this reading kick, and been in Germany which means I really dont have television I just end up watching online shows through streaming. Ive sort of ran out of things to watch and since I have no clue what is happening in America I seem to just watch the same episodes over and over. I have no clue what to watch next. Im realizing Im going to have culture shock in my own country when I return. I dont know the fashion, popular culture, and Im trying as hard as possible not to watch the news. I get my local news and I feel like that is good enough to focus on during my drive to work. Anywho Im thinking that it may be time to get other peoples input on what is happening in the country (besides weather which is the only report I get) and also more ideas of what I should read or watch. It would be nice to hear what normal people think and entertain themselves with and not what the national news stations say people are actually doing. Love to hear some input instead of awkwardly stalking people on facebook lol.

Friday, January 27, 2012

I am voraciously reading through this year!

So my goal this year was to read as much as I possibly could since Im not going to start my masters degree for another year or two. Well I started out with my goal of for every paperback/hardback book I read I will read two books on my Kindle. I am so proud of myself already, Ive read four book and its still January. WOOOO! Of course it is not deep thinking books that I seem to be after, but hey everyone has to start somewhere. My next book will be finishing out the House of Night series and maybe attempting to finish this Dickens book I started but put down and never picked back up like 7 months ago. I think it is easier to read now than ever since at work I can read on my lunch breaks and on the treadmill at the gym. Its like doing two healthy things at the same time! Ill be adding more books as I finish them, Im trying to keep a list of every book I read and maybe keep a journal so I dont feel like my soul is slipping if I have to get rid of my mini library when we move. I hope I can meet some friends who can have reading and coffee dates with me.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Travels of 2011

Since we have gone to some beautiful places this year, Im going to show off some of our pictures. I do love to travel, and thank God we got stationed in the middle of Europe.
Oh would you look at that, my pocket fairy Kaela (aka Jeeves) came to Germany for 2 weeks to visit me before she traveled off to Ethiopia to save the world. We sorta enjoyed ourselves. This is Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria. Its the fairytale castle that Disney world trademark is based off of. I love beautiful stuff.
Hoenshaungau castle, Germany. It is super beautiful and its breathtaking on the inside. I loved this tour so much.
This beautiful piece of history is in Trier, Germany. It was the entryway into the Roman empire. Crazy to think about this literally seperating two worlds.
This is like the biggest wine barrel Ive ever seen, if only I had learned to tap a keg in college I wouldve grabbed a glass mighty fast. Heidelberg, Germany.

Oh you know, just lovin' up on my husband underneath the Eiffel Tower. No biggie... Oh wait it was a really big deal! It was the best birthday Ive ever had.
Point Du Hoc, France. It was a major battle in WWII and the American Army rangers had to scale the cliffs while the Germans were shooting from the high ground. America still overtook the cliffs. Incredible to stand and see how brave they had to have been.
And here's a stinky foot in Heidelberg...Just in case youve never seen a giant foot anywhere else in the world.

We went to Europa park this summer. Its like the Germany version of Disney world. Really fun, but creepy at times. Here is Miss Germany for 2011, had to fight a pack of kids just to get a picture with her.
Another beautiful castle. This is Linderhof palace, Waz and I went here for a tour on our Anniversary.
Oh just relaxing in the Alps at Hitler's Eagle's nest. Not a big deal, just sorta sitting on top of the world looking at a place that was built for one of the most notorious people who ever lived. I seriously love history.

My love and I in Strasbourg, France for a night out on the town with friends. This is le petite France. All the buildings were cute a real and the Christmas market had tons of gluwine!
This beautiful church had me in awe. Its in the middle of Strausbourg and lit up at night it seemed like God was just sitting in there. This was also in the opening scenes of the new Sherlock Holmes 2. Its kinda funny when Ive been places that Hollywood goes.

Alright so those were the big places we went last year, I had such an amazing first year and I cannot wait to kick off 2012 with more of our traveling adventures. I have like well over 2000 pictures but I decided giving the highlights was good enough. Now Ive got to figure out what to do with all of the food and toilet pictures Ive taken lol.

I suck at this updating thing!

Well there goes for consistency... Ive decided to start back up again, since there is so much going on in our lives right now.
To do a quick catch up:
1) I graduated from college with a BA in psychology, Wazi graduated from AIT and we moved across the world to Germany (Ja Deutchland!)


2) I am working as a substitute teacher and Wazi likes his new unit and was promoted, woo!

3) We have already been here for a year, and we have traveled a ton but have so many more places we would like to go. Normandy and Paris,France were the big ones last year.

4) The dogs are still kickin'
5) My family came to visit for Christmas, which was fun.
6) We are planning a trip back to America this summer, and I cannot wait for Target.
7) We are going to Spain for my birthday and I get to go to a nude beach so woohoo.

So that pretty much catches you up on what has been going on in our lives. We really like Germany and I havent learned the language at all but I can pretty much sound dumb ordering a sandwich or some pommes. And McDonalds sucks here so Ive got that going for me. Im going to upload some pictures of our trips now, enjoy!