Thursday, February 25, 2010

the recap of my week

I feel horrible about not writing the last few days, Ive been busy!

1) I was actually able to counsel someone at my internship! It felt amazing to actually make a connection with someone and be able to bond, yet still be able to be professional. I was so happy i called my mom right after the session and told her how i felt God moving in my session and how i really feel like this is what i am called to do. it was also amazing that my executive director had enough faith in me to let me affect someone that way.

2) I love being able to talk to Wazi everyday and being able to plan for the future, especially our monthly discussion about babies. (not going to be anytime soon)

3) School has been hectic! Ive been taking 7 classes now and it has been extremely stressful trying to keep up with all of my homework and still being able to study. My cross cultural counseling class is amazing, but i have to read like 5-7 chapters a week and i have a paper due each week on those chapters, and that is just one class. I love that i actually enjoy my classes this semester but it is going to be difficult to squeeze in my comp exam in order to graduate in the next month.blech

4) My cousin is 39 weeks pregnant and Ive been talking to her almost daily to make sure she is doing ok and that she pushes out my baby safely. Its the first baby of our generation and I am really excited for her, i feel like her baby is like mine since i wont be having any anytime soon. I get to see her in about 2 months so I need her to push her out fast!

5) I bought my ticket to go down to Augusta today! I am really excited to go house shopping and be able to wake up everyday and at least see him during his lunch breaks. I am also excited because we got our tax return and it definately helps so we can put down a housing deposit. I am so excited to plan for the future, but sometimes i forget to think about what is happening during the day. I am so happy that God has been providing, and I am glad that we arent living the same we were last semester where we were living paycheck to paycheck but im sad that it is compromising the time i get to spend with my hubby. Well this is enough for now, Night!

These are pictures of our family minus wazi, spoticus is the black weiner dog and duke is the new addition and she is definately a handful!

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