Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My job is pretty cool too

I am definitely excited about work nowadays. I have been a replacement resource aid for the last few days full time and I love it. I get to hang out with middle schoolers all day and be sarcastic and witty and they seriously get it. My job is pretty much me just being a super mom. I make sure they took notes, stay caught up all day, deal with their behavior issues if they arrive, give them extra time and love when they feel like they just arent getting it and I teach them the way they would understand. I love that I get the chance to talk to kids who I may have never met, and almost everyone in the halls knows me and is up for giving high fives or hugs when I pass. Its like being popular in high school, except this time around Im actually popular haha. I get to make a difference in someones everyday life just by explaining their math to them a way they would understand, usually money, and teach them about the world around us and how fun reading really can be. This isnt a permanent position, but Ill be doing this until the permanent worker is hired and I hope it takes a while. I could understand why someone would want to be a teacher, and honestly if I could stand kids just a little bit more (insert laughter) I think I would actually contemplate that life.

Of course now I just thought about it and everytime I get a life goal I start thinking about how its going to effect our lifestyle and realize it would be really hard to be a teacher if we continue to move every 3 years. Its always nice to have a goal or dream to shoot for though.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Foods I made/ ate this week

Ive been making food recipes that I found this week and some of the pictures actually look edible. Other ones I threw away quickly and burned (the recipe, not the food). Im trying to also add more fruits and now that it is melon season (wooooooo!) I have found my love of cantalope once again. I wish I lived somewhere tropical so I could eat beautifully colored fruit every day.

This is the beautiful cream cheese pound cake I made for a bake sale this week. It tasted pretty legit.

Yummms. I love fresh fruit. The pictures appear stuck together but we made our own kabobs this week! Wazi got to mix together his special recipe of sauces for the meat and then we added a bunch of colorful veggies to make it pretty as well as taste delicious.

And this was our dinner tonight. It was chicken parmesan. We took three chicken breasts (Wazi wouldnt wait for me to take the picture before he snatched it), floured and egged them and cooked them in the deep fryer. Then I added some ham slices, mozzarella cheese, and pasta sauce. We had garlic bread and a side salad to make it healthy. Absolutely nom nom.

Hopefully I will keep going on my picture taking of my food. It helps me to see if I am actually eating as healthy as I think I am. Or I can at least remember what foods I ate all week so I dont just drink wine for every meal.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cant stop my impulsive recipe collecting!

So I don't really like to cook. I really enjoy eating and the smells my house makes when I cook, the sound of the mixers, and good music like Stevie Wonder or oldies in the kitchen. I am super OCD so I actually hate creating a mess. Cooking is all about destroying your kitchen 3-4 times a day in the hopes that you can eat a nice meal before you have to start sweating again cleaning up your mess. If cooking was possible without the mess I'd be all over that in a heart beat. But until that crazy invention begins (get going scientists) I have started a folder on my desktop all about cooking foods I could maybe possibly do if no one was to come over for a few days.

1. 3- ingredient pulled pork recipe. All you need is a slow cooker, Pork tenderloin, a can of cola or root beer and BBQ sauce. I made it last saturday and it was beautiful. I made 2 pounds yet there was no left overs...Someone in my house must have a tape worm lol.
3-Ingredient Pulled Pork

5 years eh?

So for being young I have successfully been with Waz for 5 years as of the 18th. I was shocked into being stupid when I realized that it is twice as long as I have been with anyone in my life. It is craziness that I have spent all of my adult years with this man. So to make a long sappy story short we met in college, got married in college, he joined the army and now we live in Germany. All in 5 years. This is seriously the longest amount of time that we have spent not moving since we met. This man is seriously stabilizing my life for the better. We have two dogs, a pretty sweet convertable, and we live in a crazy willy wonka style German townhouse. They allow me to teach children for a living...My life has definately changed for the better.

There are nights where I give him the look of death, but everytime I wake up and realize he is right next to me I cannot help but smile and thank God for blessing me with a man who is my anchor and a giant little kid who seriously enjoys making me laugh. I love that I found someone that when we sit around the dinner table and I am angry and venting he joins my side and says, "Yeah, that lady is a beezy. We should punch her". He knows how to make me smile and how to take care of me when through this journey I sometimes cannot do anything but cry. There are things we have not accomplished yet that we wish to; own a farm with our own brown cow and old dog, travel to all major attractions across the world, and one day if we could ever be parents I know our lives would not be complete but would just be beginning. I know God is in control of it all and I am so thankful of the life we have right now. I am truly blessed to spend everyday with someone who challenges me to be better.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Tenerife, Spain

I just want you all to image where Ill be...I sorta already said it. Im going to Spain!

This is our beautiful destination location! We get to enjoy the sun for the first time in years, Im so happy that I get a vacation for the first time in a while. Sun, sand, waterslides!

Anywho so since we are planning all of these trips this year I have been working out 7 days a week to look good naked basically... so Ive been eating still pretty crappily but I have been taking my workouts to the extreme. I am so proud of my body and I lost four pounds in the first month (lbs dont really matter Im more focused on toning) but I finally got into running again. I am up to 3K but Im so ready to finish a full 5K race one day. So Ive been doing the couch to 5K thing and I sorta skipped some steps and just went straight to 1 mile at a time. I cant wait to buy my whole wishlist of like 90 swimsuits from victorias secret.

Its a teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini! I just want to sing the song like a crazy person. We will be setting sail (more like flying) May 5, just in time for drinks on the beach!