Thursday, February 11, 2010

Family day!!!

I got to see Wazi!!! the family day ceremony today was amazing. I got to run out and pick him out of the crowd but i couldnt be very affectionate because of military rules. I got to hug him and spend time walking around with him, it was so hard not to try and kiss him and hold him but i did really good. i get to wake up super early and go see his actual graduation ceremony which will be amazing but freezing since the temp dipped down in the teens at night and i of course did not bring a jacket because i thought, hey its the south it must be hot. They are in fact expecting snow tomorrow, I am making a trip to wally world to get me a big southern winter jacket. Tomorrow night we are going to a Tyler Perry show tomorrow night after spending a romantic day alone together. i love our families but i dont think i can deal with other people trying to pretend like I dont exist when it comes to my husbands personal space, i may not be able to hold his hand but i sho nuff want to stand next to him.

I did get to meet his military friends and see his life, it really made me proud of what he is doing and what he is standing for, hes already preplanned our housing situation for Ft. gordon and i cant wait to go scope out apartments in April so i can move after graduation. I cant believe i am seeing my husband and getting back to being a wife!

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