Friday, February 26, 2010

mosque experience and baby

For my cross cultural class we had to go and observe a cultural different from our own and i chose the middle eastern culture, specifically muslim. I went to the mosque tonight and actually enjoyed myself. It helped me to see what they believe as well as confirmed what i believe. It was a really good experience and has made me see that i really need to get out of my bubble more often. i really want to learn more about the Jewish culture, not just the heritage but the on going things that are happening now.

Still no baby, but she was having strong contractions last night so that is a good sign. her due date is march 5th so she is perfectly on time. I cannot wait til May where i get to finally see my cousin and my beautiful new addition. Good thing she is having kids, takes the pressure off me to start from the family. they dont really understand why we arent popping out kids already or why we arent even thinking about it in the next couple of years. Mexican families tend to be about big families, and Wazis is no exception. We will have our big family one day, just not for the next few years.

night for now

Thursday, February 25, 2010

the recap of my week

I feel horrible about not writing the last few days, Ive been busy!

1) I was actually able to counsel someone at my internship! It felt amazing to actually make a connection with someone and be able to bond, yet still be able to be professional. I was so happy i called my mom right after the session and told her how i felt God moving in my session and how i really feel like this is what i am called to do. it was also amazing that my executive director had enough faith in me to let me affect someone that way.

2) I love being able to talk to Wazi everyday and being able to plan for the future, especially our monthly discussion about babies. (not going to be anytime soon)

3) School has been hectic! Ive been taking 7 classes now and it has been extremely stressful trying to keep up with all of my homework and still being able to study. My cross cultural counseling class is amazing, but i have to read like 5-7 chapters a week and i have a paper due each week on those chapters, and that is just one class. I love that i actually enjoy my classes this semester but it is going to be difficult to squeeze in my comp exam in order to graduate in the next month.blech

4) My cousin is 39 weeks pregnant and Ive been talking to her almost daily to make sure she is doing ok and that she pushes out my baby safely. Its the first baby of our generation and I am really excited for her, i feel like her baby is like mine since i wont be having any anytime soon. I get to see her in about 2 months so I need her to push her out fast!

5) I bought my ticket to go down to Augusta today! I am really excited to go house shopping and be able to wake up everyday and at least see him during his lunch breaks. I am also excited because we got our tax return and it definately helps so we can put down a housing deposit. I am so excited to plan for the future, but sometimes i forget to think about what is happening during the day. I am so happy that God has been providing, and I am glad that we arent living the same we were last semester where we were living paycheck to paycheck but im sad that it is compromising the time i get to spend with my hubby. Well this is enough for now, Night!

These are pictures of our family minus wazi, spoticus is the black weiner dog and duke is the new addition and she is definately a handful!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Want to go home

I feel like this has been one of my hardest weeks. I miss him very much and life here isnt making it any easier to move on. I feel like none of my friends are able to understand my point of view or what i am feeling. i dont want to talk about my husband all day and all night, but if i am not going out everyday of the week then all i have to talk about is school, work, my internship and him. I think Ive gotten to the point where i realize that after i move they probably wont be apart of my life because of the distance and im just trying to hold on to the ones who i am really close with. I love the fact that i have friends all over the united states, especially knowing that if i was having a bad army day i could count on them, its really hard being here in a small town and not being able to drive 12 hours to my best friend or go see Wazi. I want to be the positive voice that Wazi hears every night before he goes to bed so he doesnt have to worry about what is going on, its just hard to be positive when i can only think about the distance. I miss my close personal relationships and cannot wait until I graduate so i can reconnect with those who truly care for me. I miss you guys!

PS wazis dad came out of heart surgery last week doing just fine. Wazi also had to have oral surgery to get rid of a bump he had in his mouth and now hes all swollen and cant laugh or make a kissing noise over the phone without making his mouth bleed, its sorta funny. reminds me of when he was really drugged up when he got his wisdom teeth pulled, good times.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My hubby is amazing.

I got to see Wazi graduate! The ceremony was amazing and his family got to come see him graduate and it was just an all over good experience. We got to spend valentines day together and just relax and get him moved into the barracks. It made me realize I am really happy that we got married, even though we have been seperated since november. I did learn that we get to move together at the armys expense once i graduate. We are apartment hunting/ house hunting when i go down for spring break in a month. I am really excited to start life together where i get to live with him and wake up and go to bed together. on my last night there i just held him in bed while he was falling asleep and it made me so happy to hold him and know that he was beside with me, it felt like heaven in my arms. He may not be able to come to my graduation which would be extremely painful to walk across the stage without him being there, but we will see when that time comes. I miss him a ton, but i have to get through the next 3 months of school before real life can start. only a few more months...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Family day!!!

I got to see Wazi!!! the family day ceremony today was amazing. I got to run out and pick him out of the crowd but i couldnt be very affectionate because of military rules. I got to hug him and spend time walking around with him, it was so hard not to try and kiss him and hold him but i did really good. i get to wake up super early and go see his actual graduation ceremony which will be amazing but freezing since the temp dipped down in the teens at night and i of course did not bring a jacket because i thought, hey its the south it must be hot. They are in fact expecting snow tomorrow, I am making a trip to wally world to get me a big southern winter jacket. Tomorrow night we are going to a Tyler Perry show tomorrow night after spending a romantic day alone together. i love our families but i dont think i can deal with other people trying to pretend like I dont exist when it comes to my husbands personal space, i may not be able to hold his hand but i sho nuff want to stand next to him.

I did get to meet his military friends and see his life, it really made me proud of what he is doing and what he is standing for, hes already preplanned our housing situation for Ft. gordon and i cant wait to go scope out apartments in April so i can move after graduation. I cant believe i am seeing my husband and getting back to being a wife!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

SuperBowl Sunday- flying in 3 days

I did a large amount of stuff around the house today, laundry, dishes, all around dusting. I watched the superbowl and was really excited that the Saints won, Wooo! I also got to catch up on homework and pack for the graduation. I am sooo excited, I even got us tickets to go see a Tyler Perry play with my mom and then a few nights in a nice hotel suite so we can have an early anniversary. Im also bringing the movie Jarheads, because for some reason he is really into watching military movies right now. I miss his terribly though, i cannot wait to see him in just a few days!

I must continue killing all of the dirt in my house, hopefully there will be no dog hair by the end of the night.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

I am definately impulsive

I get to be with him an extra day! Wazi told me in his last letter which came a few days ago that he doesnt have to be to AIT until sunday afternoon and wanted to spend as much time with me as possible, well my flight leaves at 6am sunday and i got sad since it meant i would have to leave him saturday night. My plan is to surprise him and stay with him an extra day since our 3 year anniversary is that week and we cant be together. I am so excited i feel like i have to tell everyone! Now i just have to set up the hotel and everything and i should be set and ready, woot.

Tomorrow is the SuperBowl and i am excited but without having a male next to me screaming at the tv it sort of lost its meaning. I just want to see him and catch him up on real life. My plan is to do my homework and then pack my suitcase while watching the game, i luckily have tomorrow off so i dont have to try to cram everything in like i did today. I think my need to be compulsive is kicking in and now i want to plan a romantic date night with him in augusta and have an early anniversary present. I cant wait til i graduate so we can do this sort of thing every weekend if i want to, only a few more months Waz!

Friday, February 05, 2010

6 days!

I am officially sick and my ears are popping, yuck. I did get a large amount of homework done today but i have 1 more report to do and ill be done for the weekend and i can focus on packing to go see Wazi. I have no clue what to pack since there is a huge storm on the east coast and i only want to bring a carry on. I am getting more and more excited to see him that i go to bed just thinking about all the things I want to talk to him about. I miss being able to talk about our future together and all the fun things we want to do, being a military wife is definately going to be hard on me with the constant job changing but i am excited to travel. Now i have to think up a good graduation present to surprise him with, im thinking either a build a bear or a watch or something.

I cannot wait for him to start AIT so i can talk to him everyday and go visit him at least once a month. I know God is using this time to prepare both of us for being seperated because this is the second time we have been seperated for 6 months. This whole experience is helping us to become closer to the heart of what is important to us which is God and our future family (like 10 yeasr from now). I just cant wait to see how much he has changed!

night for now, M

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Girls Night

GIRLS NIGHT! I am excited to watch a movie over a good home made dinner, well it may nto be good since I am cooking but at least its food. It seemed like no matter what i did today i was tired, i think i may be getting sick. I am so ready to see Wazi i think i may explode when i see him in a week. I feel like i have so much to say to him but i dont want to waste my time talking to him about the dogs and bills, i just want to catch up on whats important to us, good quality time. I get to spend a day with him and travel with him to AIT so thats a few hours in the car to just talk and catch up. I am so excited I already got my Pirates jersey which is his platoons mascot. I wanted to be dressed really cute and sexy when i first saw him but i know everyone elses wife will look like that and i want to let him know I am there for him only. Besides we are a sports family, so he would expect nothing less than me to be dressed like an all star.

Well the girls will be here in a few minutes and i have yet to start dinner. Only a few nights left and i get to see him. Yay!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

...I am still not in bed...

Only 7 days until i fly out and 7 days and a wake up until i get to see him run out on the field and i jump into his arms and hug him for like 6 hours straight. I cannot wait!

Since i am still awake i will make my list of movies/tv shows id like to see in the next few weeks by netflix (which is like my new best friend who always brings over presents).
The boy in the striped pajamas
slumdog millionaire
the music man
smart people

this should keep me busy for about two weeks if i make an effort to watch the movie as soon as it arrives in the mail and then mail it back. This would probably be alot easier if i didnt have homework standing in the way. i am seriously going to start homework now, and then a movie to put me to sleep. Night

Day 2- The weekend is so close i can taste it!

The last time i took a vacation was my honeymoon six months ago, for most people they vacation once a year, i was definately used to taking a trip somewhere at least 2-3 times a year and i think I am in a California slump. The weather is blah, none of the people are smiling, and my dog no longer wants to walk outdoors because the grass is wet. I need summer to be here like yesterday.

Today was an extremely long day, I definately did not do enough homework last night and put it off until today and i have still yet to finish it. I was just so excited because i got my last letter before Wazi graduates in the mail today and it had his official military picture in it! I opened up the letter in class and almost cried ( had i not been sitting next to new students i may have). he always has a way of making me feel better in every letter that i really appreciate and miss in my daily life. He likes to make sure that I am taken care of and that I take time out for me, he knows me so well. I did accomplish officially selling his car today and giving over the papers and everything which was a relief but also sad. We traveled everywhere in that thing, every anniversary we jumped in and went to the beach. He wants a new super manly car now and i was out voted since i wanted a VW bug which is the exact opposite of manly and my Mom agreed with him so he won.

Even though today was busy i was trying really hard to think of a good graduation present for him that would be ready in a week. i was thinking of engraving something but I am not sure what he actually needs. He already has dog tags, he just got a new watch for Christmas, and you cant really give someone clothes for graduation. I dont want to be impersonal and give him a card and i really want to wow him. I think on Sunday while everyone is watching the SuperBowl ill adventure to the mall and find something that really reminds me of him. Tomorrow is busy too but I am excited because i get to sleep in for an hour AND i dont have to work tomorrow night so i get to hang out with some girl friends and watch the movie Amelie which i just got from Netflix so im excited.

Well i am off to work on some homework before the clock strikes 12 so I am not stuck doing tons of homework this weekend.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Day 1, I am somehow still sane...

I was sitting here trying to do my homework and i decided that i wanted to start writing things down so when my soldier husband has internet access he and our families can see whats going on. Ive been in a military family my whole life and i thought it would be a good idea to document as we go on through his career and moving from place to place and the changes we make. I think it will be really therapeutic to write how I'm feeling or how the day is going since i don't have someone to talk to about my day every night like i used to before he left ( november 9, 2009).

I leave in a week to go see Wazi (husband) at his basic training graduation. I am so excited not much has been getting me down this week and i sort of like this outlook on life, who knew i could be glass half full sometimes. Half of my family and his parents will be there to celebrate and cheer him on before he leaves the next day for his secondary training at AIT which will be for 6 whole months, but at least i might be able to move to where he is once i graduate college this May. I am just excited that when he is in AIT i will be able to talk to him every night on the phone and fly down to visit him at least once a month if i want to, it would be nice to get a little retreat away from daily life for awhile and just catch up with eachother and whats important to us. Since we have only been married since July its hard to be newlyweds 3,000 miles apart and without phones or internet for the last 3 months, its a little frustrating. I miss my husband, but somehow i feel like we are connecting more and more since we have only had communication through hand written letters, its really getting out some true emotion that i probably never would have seen if i saw him everyday.

well i have school in the morning and a large sum of homework which i have procrastinated against this week to do. 8 days and a wake up until graduation!