Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Day 2- The weekend is so close i can taste it!

The last time i took a vacation was my honeymoon six months ago, for most people they vacation once a year, i was definately used to taking a trip somewhere at least 2-3 times a year and i think I am in a California slump. The weather is blah, none of the people are smiling, and my dog no longer wants to walk outdoors because the grass is wet. I need summer to be here like yesterday.

Today was an extremely long day, I definately did not do enough homework last night and put it off until today and i have still yet to finish it. I was just so excited because i got my last letter before Wazi graduates in the mail today and it had his official military picture in it! I opened up the letter in class and almost cried ( had i not been sitting next to new students i may have). he always has a way of making me feel better in every letter that i really appreciate and miss in my daily life. He likes to make sure that I am taken care of and that I take time out for me, he knows me so well. I did accomplish officially selling his car today and giving over the papers and everything which was a relief but also sad. We traveled everywhere in that thing, every anniversary we jumped in and went to the beach. He wants a new super manly car now and i was out voted since i wanted a VW bug which is the exact opposite of manly and my Mom agreed with him so he won.

Even though today was busy i was trying really hard to think of a good graduation present for him that would be ready in a week. i was thinking of engraving something but I am not sure what he actually needs. He already has dog tags, he just got a new watch for Christmas, and you cant really give someone clothes for graduation. I dont want to be impersonal and give him a card and i really want to wow him. I think on Sunday while everyone is watching the SuperBowl ill adventure to the mall and find something that really reminds me of him. Tomorrow is busy too but I am excited because i get to sleep in for an hour AND i dont have to work tomorrow night so i get to hang out with some girl friends and watch the movie Amelie which i just got from Netflix so im excited.

Well i am off to work on some homework before the clock strikes 12 so I am not stuck doing tons of homework this weekend.

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