Saturday, February 06, 2010

I am definately impulsive

I get to be with him an extra day! Wazi told me in his last letter which came a few days ago that he doesnt have to be to AIT until sunday afternoon and wanted to spend as much time with me as possible, well my flight leaves at 6am sunday and i got sad since it meant i would have to leave him saturday night. My plan is to surprise him and stay with him an extra day since our 3 year anniversary is that week and we cant be together. I am so excited i feel like i have to tell everyone! Now i just have to set up the hotel and everything and i should be set and ready, woot.

Tomorrow is the SuperBowl and i am excited but without having a male next to me screaming at the tv it sort of lost its meaning. I just want to see him and catch him up on real life. My plan is to do my homework and then pack my suitcase while watching the game, i luckily have tomorrow off so i dont have to try to cram everything in like i did today. I think my need to be compulsive is kicking in and now i want to plan a romantic date night with him in augusta and have an early anniversary present. I cant wait til i graduate so we can do this sort of thing every weekend if i want to, only a few more months Waz!

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