Monday, May 14, 2012


So I finally got around to sitting and writing about my travels. I am super excited and I had such an amazing trip that I dont even know where to start. So Ill start from the beginning.

Saturday: We jumped on the plane and our flight was amazing. We were so excited to get there that we were giddy like it was our honeymoon again. We got to our hotel and it was gorgeous. It felt so great to feel the heat and hear Spanish again.

Our wonderful hotel and Turtle backpack!

 Id like to mention that the sun is still super high in the sky even though it is already 7 pm.
So then we decided to walk around and see what this place was all about. The beach and board walk area was super nice and there were expensive stores everywhere but also hole in the wall tourist gift shops that made me super happy. Then we had a nice late dinner at a steak house
 Sangria champagne is the best thing ive ever had ever. Ever. it was so delicious we drank and ate everything.
Plus dessert!
So that was day one

Sunday (day 2)- We sat on the beach for a ridiculously long time until it was nap time (3pm) and then we went out to dinner after walking the entire coast of Tenerife and found the nastiest gelato ever lol. I thought there was no such thing until I had to throw it in the sand and drink like a gallon of water just to unthink that taste. Boo strawberry gelato place, boo! Wanna guess where we ate dinner? TONY ROMAS!!!!! I had to go literally 6000 miles away to Spain to find Tony Romas which is in Alaska too. The ribs were finger lickin good for sure.

Anywho that was day two

 My polka dot bikini

So day three was pretty spectacular. We went BOB diving. Its like have a scuba helmet on your head but your whole body was on like a segway driving on the ocean floor. We got to see fishies and we went about 25 meters down. Sorta cool if you ask me.

Then we wandered around afterwards and took our daily afternoon nap. Oh how I miss the nap.

Day four
We went to Jungle park and got to look at a random zoo in the forest and went down a bob sled and walked across a giant ropes course around the whole park that was like 15 feet above the ground.

Then after we went to the park our friend Matt and Autumn came in from the airport and we got to walk our friends around town and show them why and how much we loved Spain. We went to see a flamenco show that was broadway quality and it was amazing. 3 hours of shaking and tapping feet and a great story line. My mouth was open the whole time because I was either smiling or my jaw had dropped. I was clapping and screaming along and I had a seriously good time. I would show pictures but they wouldnt allow  cameras in the theatre.

Day 5

The boys went out for surfing lessons and Wazi had an amazing time.

Waz Waz catching a wave, I got the picture before he fell off the board.

Then we went to what we thought was a comedy club which turned out to be wrong but our cab driver took us where all the people go to have fun and enjoy themselves. He took us to a random strip that had like 6 bars. The first one we went to gave us free drinks and then a free round, then just as we were standing up we got another free round from the bar next door. Of course you cannot say no to free drinks so off we went from there. By the time we walked back to our hotel we were clearly buzzed and giggling and peeing in bushes. (Well I peed in a bush and pretended that no one could see me lol)

Day 6
We went on a boat cruise that was 4 hours to see dolphins, whales, and to go scuba diving and swimming off the back of the boat. I would just like to say that 1) The water is super warm and really salty so i had a hard time sinking. 2) Our scuba instructor was really cool and kept trying to help us find the giant turtle who was super elusive and refused to show herself. It was really fun though. Unfortunately I got seasick and took a nap and got pretty much no pictures of this adventure until Autumn returns tomorrow with her camera. We did meet a really nice english couple who shared in our disgust of the Russian dude who just pulled off his underwear to change into pants without, I donno going to the bathroom. He just pulled his junk out with women and children around. Definitely awkward, but I am glad the other Europeans thought it was weird too lol.
This was before I got seasick

I realize i only have two more days to talk about but it is taking forever for the pictures to load and i am so sleepy that I must go to bed. I will upload the next two days photos which are a ton considering the last two days were my favorite. I also have more photos to add from day 6. Enjoy these so far!