Thursday, February 04, 2010

Girls Night

GIRLS NIGHT! I am excited to watch a movie over a good home made dinner, well it may nto be good since I am cooking but at least its food. It seemed like no matter what i did today i was tired, i think i may be getting sick. I am so ready to see Wazi i think i may explode when i see him in a week. I feel like i have so much to say to him but i dont want to waste my time talking to him about the dogs and bills, i just want to catch up on whats important to us, good quality time. I get to spend a day with him and travel with him to AIT so thats a few hours in the car to just talk and catch up. I am so excited I already got my Pirates jersey which is his platoons mascot. I wanted to be dressed really cute and sexy when i first saw him but i know everyone elses wife will look like that and i want to let him know I am there for him only. Besides we are a sports family, so he would expect nothing less than me to be dressed like an all star.

Well the girls will be here in a few minutes and i have yet to start dinner. Only a few nights left and i get to see him. Yay!

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