Monday, March 22, 2010

Comp part 1

Comp section one done, one more to go.
Wazi has his phase up test on wednesday, and he feels really good about it, his PT test is on Friday so he has a lot to do this week. Its weird how we are both testing on the same days, its like being in school together again. I did get a card in the mail and it made me really miss him.

I leave for Portland Friday morning and then I fly out to Augusta Sunday night so I am glad i get to spend time with everyone close to me and still have time for myself. I am really excited to get down there so i can relax, house shop, and spend time with my family as well as my hubby. If he phases up then I am taking him and his best friend out for a fun night out on the town, maybe go shooting or our to a fancy dinner. I left it up to the boys to decide. I am feeling really good and adult like about this week. I even bought a new dress to wear for my test today and i felt really good in it and it made me way more confident. Even though today was stressful in the end it was a good day. I think i may even skip my class in the morning to get some extra sleep in to reward myself.

I also have to get all my travel arrangements set and call the housing people to PCS our stuff to Georgia without too much delay.
night for now

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I feel realllly good about this test. I can do it, I can do it! I am in my old bed at the in-laws and me and duke are about to knockout to the sound of dogs snoring. Spoticus is happily playing with the neighor dogs and it looks like an all around good night. Tomorrow I plan on laying out on the trampoline and going through flashcards and soaking up the sun. I was looking at pictures of me from this summer and i look sickly right now. I need some B vitamins and sun soon before I show up to Georgia and people think I am ill.

I am trying to have no distractions this weekend so I am going to be away from the computer for awhile, hopefully.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In-Laws In-Laws In-Laws

I am going to visit my in-laws tomorrow! I dont know why I am so excited, but i think i need a trip to the beach to just relax. I am really excited about just resting and studying without hearing noise outside my window and being woken up by the sun and not my neighbors alarm clock. I am definately ready for spring break.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


My week has been pretty busy, studying and getting all of my school stuff squared away so i can go see wazi. I talked to the financial aid department and the VA is paying for my housing and will mail me a check sometime soon, that is such a blessing since i struggled the first month he was gone because he didnt get paid so my savings account is like $50. I am really excited about God working in our lives and learning that even though I may be nervous or upset for things to come, its all in his timing. Makes me wanna shout haha.

Wazi got his duty station for everyday until he starts school whenever they decide. He is working at signal tower and he said he really loves it and likes the people he is working with, which definately makes me happy. I am really glad to be able to talk to a cheerful husband everyday and be able to be cheerful back at him. We have been through alot of worse, and I am really glad to be going through the better. Ill love him either way, but I sure do enjoy talking to someone who laughs at jokes and has weird impersonations of the people around him. I cant wait to move down there and meet all of his friends, maybe they will be married so I can talk to their wives. I can only hope.

Hopefully tonight ill go to bed before 3 am...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Funday

Today i feel really accomplished! I woke up late, because i forgot about the time change and had missed church by an hour. I decided to start my 10 page paper that is due thursday as well as my book report, and i somehow got it all done before 2 oclock. Then i made an early dinner and did my Romans homework and listened to a podcast of a sermon online. Then i really applied myself and went over the last few sections of the comp exam, there are 11 sections and i am on the last part. After tomorrows study group i will go full steam ahead and do only comp work until the test which is in ONE WEEK! If i pass i get to graduate, and also get to focus on my other classes i have been neglecting. I really need this to go over well.

I also got to talk to Wazi a few times today, he seemed to be in a better mood and alittle more hopeful. I think its because he knows that i am stressed and that I am coming down in just 14 days. I really like being able to talk and laugh again and make fun of weird stuff. I think he is also feeling better because he moved into his best friends room. His old roommates were really dirty, rude, and would go AWOL so that they could go offbase and drink. He decided it would be better to stay away from those guys and hang out with guys who really care about the Army values and their families. I am proud of my little man, I am glad i decided to marry him, finally haha. only took me three years to walk down the aisle.

alright night for now, so i can actually wake up on time for class tomorrow.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bad week, its almost over

This week has been really hard on me and Wazi. I had to present a case study, had a final, and two midterms this week so i have been busy. I have been really concerned with Wazi because he had to take a written test to see if he could phase up, but he didnt pass. Only 5 people passed the test and he took it really hard. He has been doubting himself and keeps repeating that he wants to come home. I am trying really hard to be supportive and encouraging but on tuesday he didnt want to talk on the phone at all becasue he somehow felt like he let me down. I think this is the part they dont tell you about when you get married, you have to be supportive and realistic at the same time. I love him, I have never doubted that, but it is hard to not be there to just give him a hug and cuddle him. Whenever we have a bad day when he was here I would always remind him of the things we have and have a "Wazis favorite things day". That was tv, his favorite food, letting him veg out on the couch for awhile and then playing video games. Its like the male heaven.

The good news out of all of this is that when i get down there he has put in a request for leave so he will at least be able to see me everyday and then come and be with me on the weekend. I am really going to enjoy being with him and just be married again. Also they put an unofficial start date to when he might start classes and it would be March 29, his commander doesnt think that will happen but lets keep our fingers crossed.

I definately have to go to bed, early morning fun to be had.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the night before phasing up

I AM SO NERVOUS FOR WAZI! He has his first test tomorrow but he just found out about it today so he is worried he may not know everything he needs to know. I am praying extremely hard for him and I have given him space so that he can focus on the test and remembering the the 2 binders he had to memorize. If he passes then that means he can get a pass to visit me when i come down in two weeks for spring break, but if not then he has to wait a really long time to try to rephase up, I have to pray that I also have the strength to be supportive and not angry if he doesnt pass, oh the world of the military wife! I am getting butterflies just thinking about it, I have to force myself to sleep or i will be up all night thinking about this.

hopefully good news will follow, night

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Away we go?

I am getting past the middle of the semester and i am enjoying it very very much. I have already had two midterms and i have one more this week and then i can just focus on my regular school work, Yay!

Today i tried to figure out why i havent gotten an insurance card from tricare yet, since right now i am not covered at all by any insurance even though money is coming out of Wazis check every month for medical. I am hoping in case of emergency it will all be worked out, but I tend to be on the nervous side. My plan is to call them when i get a break this week and figure it out, hopefully i will be less adventurous until i get my insurance card.

I watched the movie "Away We Go" with maya rudolph and John Krasinski and it made me so happy i cried. I love when i see a movie that shows me how amazing real life is and normal life decisions with people you love. definately something i enjoyed greatly, made me sad because its about a couple who is having a baby and they are trying to find a place to raise their child, but they are so in love they just go with the flow. I hope when me and waz finally decide to have kids we arent in the middle of being shipped to a new duty station. I think that is what scares me the most about military life, being uprooted anytime to go anywhere and i cannot do anything to protect my children from that. I want them to have a stable home, but I guess stable love is going to have to do. only 20 more years of this...

I am hoping my week goes by fast, I am really excited to see Wazi in about 2 weeks and to get my Comp done at the same time. I just want to be able to find a house that i love and get everything taken care of so we can just cuddle and be together, I cannot wait. I also want to be able to catch up on my reading that I have been putting off because I have been studying so much, chick lit here i come!

Night for now

This is what the boys have been doing during the day

I am glad that he is getting paid for this...

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Study Study Study, and Fun at the BBall championships

I had an amazing time with Kaela and sa tonight at the WJU basketball game. It was good to get out of the house and completely heckle an boo horrible refs and laugh with friends. I realized halfway through the game that this was the last basketball game i would ever go to at my college since it was the championship game and i graduate in 2 months. After the game we went out for frozen yogurt and laughed until we cried. I really love those girls, I am glad I have date night with them every week.

On another note, I probably should have been studying instead of going to the game because my graduation exams are in 2 weeks and i am in no way ready. I am alittle worried but Ive already started flashcards so that is a good sign. Once i pass these tests I am pretty much home free towards graduation. If i dont pass I dont graduate, so no pressure... Me and Wazi are trying to encourage eachother because he needs to pass some tests in order to phase up so he can move off base with me and i have to take a test in order to see him, its kind of cool. I miss that kid for sure, but now I have to study for a few midterms i have in the next few days, night for now!