Saturday, June 23, 2012

Healthy maybe?

So when I got groceries last week or two weeks ago I decided that I wasnt going to buy any snacks, unless they were a little on the healthy side. I also sorta gave up dairy in the traditional sense to see if I could get my skin back on track. I had beautiful skin and complection growing up, and then I moved and got married and bam my skin sucks. So I tried not eating dairy for a week (who knew butter was dairy? lol I know that sounds dumb) and my face started getting better. So now I am on to Almond milk and hoping that it wont tear my insides up. I would love to give up cheese but it has a hold on my heart. I eat limited amounts of cheese, like once a day, and then I can still enjoy the taste. Ive been doing really good and drinking spinach smoothies every other day and forcing myself to drink a litre or more of water a day and eating healthy.

I basically just wanted to brag about how awesome I am eating and what I made myself for lunch today. I had a cup of tea, a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, and a homemade salad. The other day I had a bowl of beef stew, and a spinach and banana/strawberry smoothie. I am fricken awesome.

Hopefully I can keep this up for the rest of the summer so it becomes habit and I look somewhat attractive when I fly home to visit my mom and go to my college roomies wedding. I am really excited to see everyone, but it has been so long since I have been home that it is hard to seperate things I miss about America, and then ruining it with the reality of America. Well thats another story. I pretty much just dont want my princess story of how great home is to be ruined by showing up home. But I am excited to be home and get to drink starbucks and eat sonics :).

Monday, June 18, 2012

Aguirre's travel to Luxembourg

I really love the life I have been given, really I do. But it is difficult to live far away from home for a long time. This is the longest I have ever lived away from my family, only seeing them once a year. Waz hasnt seen his home town in 2 years. Anyways thats my sad beginning about missing my family and missing home.

So our travels lately. We went to Luxembourg this weekend. ( its the only country that is completely touching 4 other countries and its west of Germany.) We just got in the car with a packed lunch and hit the road. We saw how awesome it is that in Europe many of the borders are open so I can just take a weekend trip in my car wherever I want with my international drivers license. So at the moment I have been to Germany, the Netherlands, France, and a little bit of Austria. Im almost done with my visiting western Europe countries collection lol.


Here are the pictures from our trip. We saw the military cemetery where Genereal Patton is buried. Waz and I love military/ WWII history so it was a treat to be able to go by and pay our respects to someone who was so influencial in the war. Plus we walked by each grave and found a medal of honor winner in there too so it was a joy for us, but very humbling.

Then we decided to walk through town to see the sites and we heard a marching band so we chased it down the street so I could get a picture lol.

This was in the city center and its beautiful so I took a picture.
Notre Dame cathedral

The palace! The Royal family was there so we couldnt go in but there is an armed guard who so kindly guards the palace.

Wazi and his picture with the guard. Pretty much as close as he was going to get. We sat across the street at a chocolate cafe and ate soup with a chocolate milkshake while we watched the changing of the guards. It was an awesome sight to see.

This is the view from the casemates (caves sort of) and the city view is so beautiful it made it worth it. I love how they incorporated old world with new. They are like the banking capital of Europe so they have a ton of modern stuff directly behind where I was taking this picture. It is so sleek and beautiful. And the people speak French which made me happy.

Anywho that was our vacation day for now. We will be in Berlin next month but now that school is out I will be updated a bunch more that arent just travel related.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Schools out Kids!!!

So I am now a free agent, well mostly. The school year is over and although I will miss my little buddies I am really excited to have a break and catch up on everything that I have fallen behind on. Like picture taking, traveling, online tv shows, girl friend chat time, and finally going home! Oh and the 3 paperbacks sitting on my bedside table and bookshelves and my kindle is overflowing. Everytime I look on amazon or a bookstore I grab two more books. I may be an addict. Anyways speaking of books let me wrap up the books Ive read recently.

I lovedddddd this book, it was so good and funny and added perks and behind the scenes stuff that I really enjoyed.

This is the 9th book in my 10 book vampire series. Ive made it this far and it is a great series but Im getting frustrated that book 10 doesnt come out until October and Im not really happy about waiting so many months to read up again.

So I love everything about Jen Lancaster and she delivered with this book. I love how she can make me laugh while on an airplane or on the beach, and considering I took it to Spain I finished it before I came home.

Well Im a Harry Potter nut and I had to read everything I could get my hands on. It is the background of the fairytales that run throughout the HP books and movies. It was nice to knwo some background, too bad the book isnt very big or else I wouldnt have finished it in a few days.

So I joined a bookclub (cause Im a BA) and this was the first book. Holy mother of Mary I cried so hard I had snotted and cried through my Tshirt and pillow. I read it in 3 hours it was so great. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes a great book with twists and turns at the end. Ugh its such a great book!!!

So If you lost count I have read 6 books since the beginning of May. Its only the second week of June. I seriously love reading, and I clearly have no social life lol.

I have so many tv shows and coffee dates and hopefully trips to the shooting range to do that my head may explode. Of course tomorrow Im babysitting my favorite babygirl Aliyah, but after that I am going to be staying up all night and drinking and watching true blood. Yay I am so happy like a kid getting out of school when you are in elementary school and you eat twinkies and play sega all summer. So cheers to summer!

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Last day of Spain and ball

So I am sorry I forgot to keep adding pictures of our vacation, I just had a lot going on at home and at work. Next week is the last week of school. I have mixed feelings about it. I am so happy to have a break from work finally and be able to start traveling more. But I will severely miss the paycheck every two weeks. So now I have to go back on a budget, lucky for me we have been saving a little money specifically for traveling so thats a nice helper. Alright so on to the fun.

Our last day in Spain: Saturday.

                 We went to Monkey park!!! We got to hold monkeys in our hands and feed them and love them and I treated them like babies. This one was my best friend and I fed him like 2 bananas just for being my buddy. I should seriously frame this picture.

Then we jumped on a plane and came home and I cried because I realize I miss home so much because everyone in Spain was so lovely and nice and I dont get that feeling here. I feel like the Germans around here have a completely different mindset than everyone else. I feel like I am always on the defensive. Anywho Ive got other fun stuff to talk about besides how much I miss home.

Here is another photo from the boat we went on before we left. This was the 4 hour tour that we got to see whales on. I love me some nature.

So it is Army Ball season which means Waz and I cleaned up pretty well for our first official ball. I cant post the pictures on facebook because I dont want all our personal business on such a big network so I will put it here. Anywho, I thought we looked stunning. And also this is our personality all the way.