Friday, February 05, 2010

6 days!

I am officially sick and my ears are popping, yuck. I did get a large amount of homework done today but i have 1 more report to do and ill be done for the weekend and i can focus on packing to go see Wazi. I have no clue what to pack since there is a huge storm on the east coast and i only want to bring a carry on. I am getting more and more excited to see him that i go to bed just thinking about all the things I want to talk to him about. I miss being able to talk about our future together and all the fun things we want to do, being a military wife is definately going to be hard on me with the constant job changing but i am excited to travel. Now i have to think up a good graduation present to surprise him with, im thinking either a build a bear or a watch or something.

I cannot wait for him to start AIT so i can talk to him everyday and go visit him at least once a month. I know God is using this time to prepare both of us for being seperated because this is the second time we have been seperated for 6 months. This whole experience is helping us to become closer to the heart of what is important to us which is God and our future family (like 10 yeasr from now). I just cant wait to see how much he has changed!

night for now, M

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