Wednesday, February 03, 2010

...I am still not in bed...

Only 7 days until i fly out and 7 days and a wake up until i get to see him run out on the field and i jump into his arms and hug him for like 6 hours straight. I cannot wait!

Since i am still awake i will make my list of movies/tv shows id like to see in the next few weeks by netflix (which is like my new best friend who always brings over presents).
The boy in the striped pajamas
slumdog millionaire
the music man
smart people

this should keep me busy for about two weeks if i make an effort to watch the movie as soon as it arrives in the mail and then mail it back. This would probably be alot easier if i didnt have homework standing in the way. i am seriously going to start homework now, and then a movie to put me to sleep. Night

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