Sunday, February 21, 2010

Want to go home

I feel like this has been one of my hardest weeks. I miss him very much and life here isnt making it any easier to move on. I feel like none of my friends are able to understand my point of view or what i am feeling. i dont want to talk about my husband all day and all night, but if i am not going out everyday of the week then all i have to talk about is school, work, my internship and him. I think Ive gotten to the point where i realize that after i move they probably wont be apart of my life because of the distance and im just trying to hold on to the ones who i am really close with. I love the fact that i have friends all over the united states, especially knowing that if i was having a bad army day i could count on them, its really hard being here in a small town and not being able to drive 12 hours to my best friend or go see Wazi. I want to be the positive voice that Wazi hears every night before he goes to bed so he doesnt have to worry about what is going on, its just hard to be positive when i can only think about the distance. I miss my close personal relationships and cannot wait until I graduate so i can reconnect with those who truly care for me. I miss you guys!

PS wazis dad came out of heart surgery last week doing just fine. Wazi also had to have oral surgery to get rid of a bump he had in his mouth and now hes all swollen and cant laugh or make a kissing noise over the phone without making his mouth bleed, its sorta funny. reminds me of when he was really drugged up when he got his wisdom teeth pulled, good times.

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