Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My hubby is amazing.

I got to see Wazi graduate! The ceremony was amazing and his family got to come see him graduate and it was just an all over good experience. We got to spend valentines day together and just relax and get him moved into the barracks. It made me realize I am really happy that we got married, even though we have been seperated since november. I did learn that we get to move together at the armys expense once i graduate. We are apartment hunting/ house hunting when i go down for spring break in a month. I am really excited to start life together where i get to live with him and wake up and go to bed together. on my last night there i just held him in bed while he was falling asleep and it made me so happy to hold him and know that he was beside with me, it felt like heaven in my arms. He may not be able to come to my graduation which would be extremely painful to walk across the stage without him being there, but we will see when that time comes. I miss him a ton, but i have to get through the next 3 months of school before real life can start. only a few more months...

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