Tuesday, March 16, 2010


My week has been pretty busy, studying and getting all of my school stuff squared away so i can go see wazi. I talked to the financial aid department and the VA is paying for my housing and will mail me a check sometime soon, that is such a blessing since i struggled the first month he was gone because he didnt get paid so my savings account is like $50. I am really excited about God working in our lives and learning that even though I may be nervous or upset for things to come, its all in his timing. Makes me wanna shout haha.

Wazi got his duty station for everyday until he starts school whenever they decide. He is working at signal tower and he said he really loves it and likes the people he is working with, which definately makes me happy. I am really glad to be able to talk to a cheerful husband everyday and be able to be cheerful back at him. We have been through alot of worse, and I am really glad to be going through the better. Ill love him either way, but I sure do enjoy talking to someone who laughs at jokes and has weird impersonations of the people around him. I cant wait to move down there and meet all of his friends, maybe they will be married so I can talk to their wives. I can only hope.

Hopefully tonight ill go to bed before 3 am...

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  1. We had the same thing happen with money for us. and you definitely have to trust God with it. cause he had a plan, we just can't see it all the time.