Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Funday

Today i feel really accomplished! I woke up late, because i forgot about the time change and had missed church by an hour. I decided to start my 10 page paper that is due thursday as well as my book report, and i somehow got it all done before 2 oclock. Then i made an early dinner and did my Romans homework and listened to a podcast of a sermon online. Then i really applied myself and went over the last few sections of the comp exam, there are 11 sections and i am on the last part. After tomorrows study group i will go full steam ahead and do only comp work until the test which is in ONE WEEK! If i pass i get to graduate, and also get to focus on my other classes i have been neglecting. I really need this to go over well.

I also got to talk to Wazi a few times today, he seemed to be in a better mood and alittle more hopeful. I think its because he knows that i am stressed and that I am coming down in just 14 days. I really like being able to talk and laugh again and make fun of weird stuff. I think he is also feeling better because he moved into his best friends room. His old roommates were really dirty, rude, and would go AWOL so that they could go offbase and drink. He decided it would be better to stay away from those guys and hang out with guys who really care about the Army values and their families. I am proud of my little man, I am glad i decided to marry him, finally haha. only took me three years to walk down the aisle.

alright night for now, so i can actually wake up on time for class tomorrow.

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