Sunday, March 07, 2010

Away we go?

I am getting past the middle of the semester and i am enjoying it very very much. I have already had two midterms and i have one more this week and then i can just focus on my regular school work, Yay!

Today i tried to figure out why i havent gotten an insurance card from tricare yet, since right now i am not covered at all by any insurance even though money is coming out of Wazis check every month for medical. I am hoping in case of emergency it will all be worked out, but I tend to be on the nervous side. My plan is to call them when i get a break this week and figure it out, hopefully i will be less adventurous until i get my insurance card.

I watched the movie "Away We Go" with maya rudolph and John Krasinski and it made me so happy i cried. I love when i see a movie that shows me how amazing real life is and normal life decisions with people you love. definately something i enjoyed greatly, made me sad because its about a couple who is having a baby and they are trying to find a place to raise their child, but they are so in love they just go with the flow. I hope when me and waz finally decide to have kids we arent in the middle of being shipped to a new duty station. I think that is what scares me the most about military life, being uprooted anytime to go anywhere and i cannot do anything to protect my children from that. I want them to have a stable home, but I guess stable love is going to have to do. only 20 more years of this...

I am hoping my week goes by fast, I am really excited to see Wazi in about 2 weeks and to get my Comp done at the same time. I just want to be able to find a house that i love and get everything taken care of so we can just cuddle and be together, I cannot wait. I also want to be able to catch up on my reading that I have been putting off because I have been studying so much, chick lit here i come!

Night for now

This is what the boys have been doing during the day

I am glad that he is getting paid for this...

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