Monday, March 22, 2010

Comp part 1

Comp section one done, one more to go.
Wazi has his phase up test on wednesday, and he feels really good about it, his PT test is on Friday so he has a lot to do this week. Its weird how we are both testing on the same days, its like being in school together again. I did get a card in the mail and it made me really miss him.

I leave for Portland Friday morning and then I fly out to Augusta Sunday night so I am glad i get to spend time with everyone close to me and still have time for myself. I am really excited to get down there so i can relax, house shop, and spend time with my family as well as my hubby. If he phases up then I am taking him and his best friend out for a fun night out on the town, maybe go shooting or our to a fancy dinner. I left it up to the boys to decide. I am feeling really good and adult like about this week. I even bought a new dress to wear for my test today and i felt really good in it and it made me way more confident. Even though today was stressful in the end it was a good day. I think i may even skip my class in the morning to get some extra sleep in to reward myself.

I also have to get all my travel arrangements set and call the housing people to PCS our stuff to Georgia without too much delay.
night for now

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