Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bad week, its almost over

This week has been really hard on me and Wazi. I had to present a case study, had a final, and two midterms this week so i have been busy. I have been really concerned with Wazi because he had to take a written test to see if he could phase up, but he didnt pass. Only 5 people passed the test and he took it really hard. He has been doubting himself and keeps repeating that he wants to come home. I am trying really hard to be supportive and encouraging but on tuesday he didnt want to talk on the phone at all becasue he somehow felt like he let me down. I think this is the part they dont tell you about when you get married, you have to be supportive and realistic at the same time. I love him, I have never doubted that, but it is hard to not be there to just give him a hug and cuddle him. Whenever we have a bad day when he was here I would always remind him of the things we have and have a "Wazis favorite things day". That was tv, his favorite food, letting him veg out on the couch for awhile and then playing video games. Its like the male heaven.

The good news out of all of this is that when i get down there he has put in a request for leave so he will at least be able to see me everyday and then come and be with me on the weekend. I am really going to enjoy being with him and just be married again. Also they put an unofficial start date to when he might start classes and it would be March 29, his commander doesnt think that will happen but lets keep our fingers crossed.

I definately have to go to bed, early morning fun to be had.

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