Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the night before phasing up

I AM SO NERVOUS FOR WAZI! He has his first test tomorrow but he just found out about it today so he is worried he may not know everything he needs to know. I am praying extremely hard for him and I have given him space so that he can focus on the test and remembering the the 2 binders he had to memorize. If he passes then that means he can get a pass to visit me when i come down in two weeks for spring break, but if not then he has to wait a really long time to try to rephase up, I have to pray that I also have the strength to be supportive and not angry if he doesnt pass, oh the world of the military wife! I am getting butterflies just thinking about it, I have to force myself to sleep or i will be up all night thinking about this.

hopefully good news will follow, night

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