Thursday, April 08, 2010

Its been awhile...

So Its been about two weeks since Ive written but a TON of stuff has been going on.

1) I took my comp exam and not only did i pass, but I was one of the top 5 scores!

2) I flew down to augusta and had a large difficulty finding a place to live that would accept us and our dogs. People in the south are not exactly dog friendly when it comes to renting a home. We found one and Waz is turning in the lease tomorrow and we will officially be moving into our beautiful 3 bedroom house in May. He gets there May 1st and ill be there by the 20th, even though i am leaving here on the 16th. I am really excited to finally live with Waz again after 6 months and to just be an adult and be done with school. It was a lot of really hard work and it was scary to see the negotiating side of me, but we got it! We loved it because of the blue walls, its our wedding colors!

3) I realized today after writing out all of my assignments for the rest of the semester and I felt really accomplished. then i saw Kaela ( the best friend) and I realized that i wouldnt be able to see her everyday anymore or get to talk to her whenever i want or have our girls movie night on tuesday. I am so excited to move away, but I am realizing that I am going to have to go through this every time we move. I almost cried thinking about losing some friends, but then i realized that if the relationships are strong they will last no matter where i am. Ill miss my friends though.

4) wednesday night happy hour with my girls has become a raging success. We are known by name at the bar and the bartender loves us and allows us to be horribly obnoxious. He let us call him enrique and tell him to water down drinks of the boys we didnt like across the bar. I love that i can still have this fun without trying to get drunk or get into competition. He tries to get us to drink more and we try to get him to talk more and he listens to whats going on in our life and gives advice, its like the tv show cheers. i love it! I am really glad i have friends who care enough to go out with me in the middle of the week and live in a town small enough that my name is remembered.

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  1. oh my gosh! i'm soooo jealous of that kitchen!!!!! the places we are now looking at at ft hood are like that. we wanna rent a house. :) cant wait til you are here!