Sunday, March 04, 2012

Our weekend and new pastor

This weekend was nice and relaxing. We went out to dinner with two couple friends we have and tried a new restaraunt in town that had old school goblets for wine and the pitcher of wine was this giant steel thing. Pretty much made me feel like I was dining in the middle ages. Of course the food was delicious so at least I wasnt eating a giant turkey leg.

We also went to church on Sunday (pretty much always go) and we've been attending this church since the fall and Waz and I enjoyed it alright enough to keep going. Well now there is a new pastor and I think he is amazing. He is trying to change the church in ways that I really enjoy. It also reminds me of our home church and how much I miss it. I love singing a song and getting so into it and the spirit moving and they keep the music going or you just hear the message and know that it is exactly what God wanted you to hear for that day. I love when I feel like church wasnt so much about me, but about Him. I am really excited to see the directions that he is taking the church. I love seeing how the bible correlates to our lives even today. Its not just about history, its about being Jesus' shadow. I dont always do what he would do but I do try to have his characteristics and grace.

Well there was your bible lesson of the month haha. Anywho I was just really excited about church today and we had a nice weekend full of fun.

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