Monday, March 19, 2012

Our fun weekend, plus I made a stinky meal

                             So this weekend the Waz and I went up to Cochem castle.
Besides the fact that it was bomb, Waz and I got a tour of the city and got a medieval dinner IN the castle. It was so delicious and fun and I couldnt stop smiling. I love getting a chance to just be married and fun and young in love. Sometimes you just need a day to remember you like being married to your spouse. He is seriously my best friend. Some days I want to choke him, but 99.8% of the time I look at him and think happy thoughts. I am so glad that I found a man who will put me on his back and carry me up that mountain even though I couldve walked it myself. He made everyone jealous and all the ladies made him feel like he was a boss by the time we got up to the castle. He showed out and wanted to prove he was the ultimate husband.

Anywho enough gushing. So dinner was rolls with lard ( it had herbs in it and it was delicious), veggie broth soup, a giant turkey leg, and two mugs of free wine. Ya'll know I loves me some wine. It had to have been like 40% considering after two SMALL glasses I was giggling like a school girl. Anywho we had a blast and Waz got carried out of the room on a bear skin since he ate all his food and some of mine.

I love traveling and vacationing and I especially love doing it with my hubs. He is sorta the only person who likes to travel as much as I do, as long as it isnt for work.

Food I destroyed this week.

It was supposed to be stuffed bell peppers with ground beef (or turkey in our case) with corn, vermicelli rice, onions, and other peppers cut up. I followed the recipe exactly and it still tasted horrible. I think had I precooked the rice it 1) wouldnt have been crunchy and 2) all the liquid from the green peppers being cooked might have actually absorbed into the food instead of seperating (picture two). So this was a big fat stinker. But since I am cheap and I do not like to waste food I made it better!
When you've got a whole mess of nasty, make nachos!!! I just took the veggies and ground meat threw it in a pan to cook longer and made nachos covered in moozzarella and pepperjack cheese. Yummies. Then we popped in the Muppet show and a good time was had by all.

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