Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My job is pretty cool too

I am definitely excited about work nowadays. I have been a replacement resource aid for the last few days full time and I love it. I get to hang out with middle schoolers all day and be sarcastic and witty and they seriously get it. My job is pretty much me just being a super mom. I make sure they took notes, stay caught up all day, deal with their behavior issues if they arrive, give them extra time and love when they feel like they just arent getting it and I teach them the way they would understand. I love that I get the chance to talk to kids who I may have never met, and almost everyone in the halls knows me and is up for giving high fives or hugs when I pass. Its like being popular in high school, except this time around Im actually popular haha. I get to make a difference in someones everyday life just by explaining their math to them a way they would understand, usually money, and teach them about the world around us and how fun reading really can be. This isnt a permanent position, but Ill be doing this until the permanent worker is hired and I hope it takes a while. I could understand why someone would want to be a teacher, and honestly if I could stand kids just a little bit more (insert laughter) I think I would actually contemplate that life.

Of course now I just thought about it and everytime I get a life goal I start thinking about how its going to effect our lifestyle and realize it would be really hard to be a teacher if we continue to move every 3 years. Its always nice to have a goal or dream to shoot for though.

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  1. WOOOOHOOO Go Mesa! Youre so cool lol!