Wednesday, March 07, 2012

So much organization! Plus foods we ate this week.

I am in super OCD mode at the moment. I've recently taken a position as part of our units FRG. I get to organize events and get people together and problem solve and I LOVE it. Im planning at the moment some surprises for the good people of the unit and Im so excited! I am quite sure when I get a few weeks in I will be exhausted but as always, organized. Can I also just say how much I love Robert's rules of order. Its like being in a real board meeting like when I was growing up and my Mom was on the school board and I had to go to EVERY meeting.

Anywho I forgot to post the foods we ate this week. A few days this week we had leftovers because I made the biggest lasagne ever which I have officially eaten it for lunch for the last 4 days...and I'll be eating it for the rest of the week.

 Even though it looks like it is boiling over and gross, its a chicken pot pie with a corn bread top. It was so delicious and the perfect mixture of creamy and just enough crust to mean something.
 Peas, slow cooker dijon chicken with garlicy noodles. This was the beginning of our eating healthier with new groceries plan. So far so good, everything we eat MUST have more veggy and carb than meat. Its not for weight loss so please do not freak out on me.
A beautiful fajita. Had I not already covered it in brown rice you would see that there are cut up red, yellow, and green peppers as well as onions. I think we added too many onions because I had to air out the house two days later from the intense eye burning. All in all adding the brown rice instead of spanish rice made it healthier and it was still delicious.


  1. I want the chicken pot pie recipe please :) I never thought of using corn bread for the crust. How inventive friend!!

  2. OOh I forgot to mention the recipe!
    1 large chicken breast or two small ones
    1 bag of frozen mixed veggies (I used a broccoli, green bean, coliflower mix
    1 can of corn
    1 can of cream of chicken
    preheat oven to 350
    I mixed everything together and put it in a oven safe glass pie plate that has been buttered down. Then I take corn meal and mix it with water until its nice and thick and pour it over the top. Then I throw it in the oven at 350 for 30-45 minutes (depends on how dark you want your crust) It is so delicious and the crust isnt soggy. Ugh I cut it up and ate it like pie slices with a veggie side.