Friday, March 16, 2012

Reasons I need to shop

So as I got dressed this week and realized Ive been wearing the same clothes since High school, same goes for the underwear. Yes they are clean, and I do laundry often but I am tired of wearing the same things over and over. I dont want to be that teacher that the students know what clothes I am going to wear before I even go in the classroom in the morning. Waz is going to be TDY for a week so while he is gone I am going to go shopping. I need literally everything. Shoes, pants, swimsuits, summer clothes, workout clothes, and work clothes. I cannot wait to shop and have spring break come and I actually not bake alive like a cannolli while I am outside. So I need shorts. I own 1 pair that are not workout shorts. I would like to have a reason to shave my legs this summer. Ive also realize that everything that Kate Middleton wears is what I want to wear but she wears her clothes well. I am sure she has a whole fashion team to help her get ready but her pieces are just simple and well put together.

Walking on the beach, created by jemeene25
I want this so I can look great and show off my ridiculous arms right now. At least before I dont go to the gym for like 3 weeks and they turn to waving flags again.

Love these!!

I want TOMS that actually look good with my beach gear I plan on splurging on.

omg this is perfect
I want to look like a real adult and own at least ONE blazer in my life. It doesnt even have to be in blue but how cute would this be with a long white t shirt and a metallic chain necklace with an owl on it. Oh owls how I love you. There are tons more but I cant stop myself from looking online at clothes and swimsuits.

OHHHHHHHHHH and I finished another book! I finish The Help finally! It was a great book and the only reason I didnt read through it in a few days was because I cant read at work haha. They frown upon kids running wild while the teacher reads in the classroom with her shoes off. I cannot wait for summer break. I need a book club for serious.


  1. i loooved the help! I couldnt put my kindle down!

    1. You should start reading the Hunger Games so I can have another person jump on it! I only wanted to read 1 chapter and ended up reading 6 chapters...