Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Foods I made/ ate this week

Ive been making food recipes that I found this week and some of the pictures actually look edible. Other ones I threw away quickly and burned (the recipe, not the food). Im trying to also add more fruits and now that it is melon season (wooooooo!) I have found my love of cantalope once again. I wish I lived somewhere tropical so I could eat beautifully colored fruit every day.

This is the beautiful cream cheese pound cake I made for a bake sale this week. It tasted pretty legit.

Yummms. I love fresh fruit. The pictures appear stuck together but we made our own kabobs this week! Wazi got to mix together his special recipe of sauces for the meat and then we added a bunch of colorful veggies to make it pretty as well as taste delicious.

And this was our dinner tonight. It was chicken parmesan. We took three chicken breasts (Wazi wouldnt wait for me to take the picture before he snatched it), floured and egged them and cooked them in the deep fryer. Then I added some ham slices, mozzarella cheese, and pasta sauce. We had garlic bread and a side salad to make it healthy. Absolutely nom nom.

Hopefully I will keep going on my picture taking of my food. It helps me to see if I am actually eating as healthy as I think I am. Or I can at least remember what foods I ate all week so I dont just drink wine for every meal.

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  1. I want to make the chicken some night! That looks wonderful. And there is nothing wrong with drinking wine for every meal :) Sorry we got cut off on our phone chat yesterday. Loves you!!