Friday, February 17, 2012

5 years eh?

So for being young I have successfully been with Waz for 5 years as of the 18th. I was shocked into being stupid when I realized that it is twice as long as I have been with anyone in my life. It is craziness that I have spent all of my adult years with this man. So to make a long sappy story short we met in college, got married in college, he joined the army and now we live in Germany. All in 5 years. This is seriously the longest amount of time that we have spent not moving since we met. This man is seriously stabilizing my life for the better. We have two dogs, a pretty sweet convertable, and we live in a crazy willy wonka style German townhouse. They allow me to teach children for a living...My life has definately changed for the better.

There are nights where I give him the look of death, but everytime I wake up and realize he is right next to me I cannot help but smile and thank God for blessing me with a man who is my anchor and a giant little kid who seriously enjoys making me laugh. I love that I found someone that when we sit around the dinner table and I am angry and venting he joins my side and says, "Yeah, that lady is a beezy. We should punch her". He knows how to make me smile and how to take care of me when through this journey I sometimes cannot do anything but cry. There are things we have not accomplished yet that we wish to; own a farm with our own brown cow and old dog, travel to all major attractions across the world, and one day if we could ever be parents I know our lives would not be complete but would just be beginning. I know God is in control of it all and I am so thankful of the life we have right now. I am truly blessed to spend everyday with someone who challenges me to be better.