Thursday, June 07, 2012

Last day of Spain and ball

So I am sorry I forgot to keep adding pictures of our vacation, I just had a lot going on at home and at work. Next week is the last week of school. I have mixed feelings about it. I am so happy to have a break from work finally and be able to start traveling more. But I will severely miss the paycheck every two weeks. So now I have to go back on a budget, lucky for me we have been saving a little money specifically for traveling so thats a nice helper. Alright so on to the fun.

Our last day in Spain: Saturday.

                 We went to Monkey park!!! We got to hold monkeys in our hands and feed them and love them and I treated them like babies. This one was my best friend and I fed him like 2 bananas just for being my buddy. I should seriously frame this picture.

Then we jumped on a plane and came home and I cried because I realize I miss home so much because everyone in Spain was so lovely and nice and I dont get that feeling here. I feel like the Germans around here have a completely different mindset than everyone else. I feel like I am always on the defensive. Anywho Ive got other fun stuff to talk about besides how much I miss home.

Here is another photo from the boat we went on before we left. This was the 4 hour tour that we got to see whales on. I love me some nature.

So it is Army Ball season which means Waz and I cleaned up pretty well for our first official ball. I cant post the pictures on facebook because I dont want all our personal business on such a big network so I will put it here. Anywho, I thought we looked stunning. And also this is our personality all the way.  

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