Monday, June 18, 2012

Aguirre's travel to Luxembourg

I really love the life I have been given, really I do. But it is difficult to live far away from home for a long time. This is the longest I have ever lived away from my family, only seeing them once a year. Waz hasnt seen his home town in 2 years. Anyways thats my sad beginning about missing my family and missing home.

So our travels lately. We went to Luxembourg this weekend. ( its the only country that is completely touching 4 other countries and its west of Germany.) We just got in the car with a packed lunch and hit the road. We saw how awesome it is that in Europe many of the borders are open so I can just take a weekend trip in my car wherever I want with my international drivers license. So at the moment I have been to Germany, the Netherlands, France, and a little bit of Austria. Im almost done with my visiting western Europe countries collection lol.


Here are the pictures from our trip. We saw the military cemetery where Genereal Patton is buried. Waz and I love military/ WWII history so it was a treat to be able to go by and pay our respects to someone who was so influencial in the war. Plus we walked by each grave and found a medal of honor winner in there too so it was a joy for us, but very humbling.

Then we decided to walk through town to see the sites and we heard a marching band so we chased it down the street so I could get a picture lol.

This was in the city center and its beautiful so I took a picture.
Notre Dame cathedral

The palace! The Royal family was there so we couldnt go in but there is an armed guard who so kindly guards the palace.

Wazi and his picture with the guard. Pretty much as close as he was going to get. We sat across the street at a chocolate cafe and ate soup with a chocolate milkshake while we watched the changing of the guards. It was an awesome sight to see.

This is the view from the casemates (caves sort of) and the city view is so beautiful it made it worth it. I love how they incorporated old world with new. They are like the banking capital of Europe so they have a ton of modern stuff directly behind where I was taking this picture. It is so sleek and beautiful. And the people speak French which made me happy.

Anywho that was our vacation day for now. We will be in Berlin next month but now that school is out I will be updated a bunch more that arent just travel related.

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