Saturday, April 24, 2010

I returned! heres an update of the week

I am pretty stressed out since there is only about 20 days left of the semester. I have been trucking along but i cannot focus on anything! I sit down to write a term paper and i get distracted by the dogs or the great weather or needing to vacuum, usually something stupid. then i get mad at myself around 10 when i realize i need to go to bed, arg!

But the good news is that Duke graduated! my baby girl passed her doggy class! she did so good and i was really nervous that she wouldnt pass but she did well. everyones families were there and it made me sad that i was by myself, but i realized that I am alright with being alone. I have gone to movies by myself and i can eat by myself so i can sure enough go to a dog graduation by myself.

Wazi is about to phase up to 5+ this week, i am really excited! this means he can come home on the weekend without driving back to formation everyday. It also means he can start setting up our house and turning on the electricity and stuff before i show up with all of our furniture. The furniture guys show up on the 7th and I graduate on the 15th and leave in the morning afte rgraduation. Also if waz phases up he might be coming home for my graduation!!! It would literally make all of my dreams come true if he could come to this one event. I miss him terribly.

Oh this is super scattered but here are some pictures from the beach too.

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