Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Its like Im living the the 80's

So now that I am on this reading kick, and been in Germany which means I really dont have television I just end up watching online shows through streaming. Ive sort of ran out of things to watch and since I have no clue what is happening in America I seem to just watch the same episodes over and over. I have no clue what to watch next. Im realizing Im going to have culture shock in my own country when I return. I dont know the fashion, popular culture, and Im trying as hard as possible not to watch the news. I get my local news and I feel like that is good enough to focus on during my drive to work. Anywho Im thinking that it may be time to get other peoples input on what is happening in the country (besides weather which is the only report I get) and also more ideas of what I should read or watch. It would be nice to hear what normal people think and entertain themselves with and not what the national news stations say people are actually doing. Love to hear some input instead of awkwardly stalking people on facebook lol.

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  1. Friend! I finally created my own blog. Its about books, wine and random silly stuff! Miss you.