Friday, January 27, 2012

I am voraciously reading through this year!

So my goal this year was to read as much as I possibly could since Im not going to start my masters degree for another year or two. Well I started out with my goal of for every paperback/hardback book I read I will read two books on my Kindle. I am so proud of myself already, Ive read four book and its still January. WOOOO! Of course it is not deep thinking books that I seem to be after, but hey everyone has to start somewhere. My next book will be finishing out the House of Night series and maybe attempting to finish this Dickens book I started but put down and never picked back up like 7 months ago. I think it is easier to read now than ever since at work I can read on my lunch breaks and on the treadmill at the gym. Its like doing two healthy things at the same time! Ill be adding more books as I finish them, Im trying to keep a list of every book I read and maybe keep a journal so I dont feel like my soul is slipping if I have to get rid of my mini library when we move. I hope I can meet some friends who can have reading and coffee dates with me.

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