Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Update/finished another book

I am still having a hard time, but I am thoroughly enjoying making myself feel better. I leave for Amsterdam on Thursday and I will be there for a few days enjoying myself, and when I get back the school is on spring break so it is a free for all at my house. I plan on reading until the pages catch fire. Oh and we officially joined Faith Baptist Church and are now members. It feels nice to be apart of a church body again. Besides that I have been working hard, today was my first official yell at a kid, send him out of my classroom and then follow it up with detention. I hate being mean, but there is only so much I can take when they are constantly disrupting my class. I made them stand up, apologize to the other person involved, apologize to me, and then they had to apologize to their whole class. Another teacher heard me yelling and assured me I was in the right so I dont feel like I am going to be fired at the moment. I guess I didnt beat him so thats positive lol.

I'll make sure to update with pictures after our trip so you can be jealous of my world travels.

So another book bites the dust. I couldnt put it down and I read like a maniac. This now leads me to 7 or 8 books read this year :) I am so proud of myself for setting a goal and actually following through. I currently have 3-4 books open at all times including my kindle and my vampire book I am too afraid to start since it is the last book it in 8 book serious. I hear they are going to make it into a movie so I suppose that is one more thing I get to critique. Speaking of the movie adaptations, I posted a week or two ago about the Hunger games movie. I do not want to spoil it for anyone, but after finishing the book I am completely confused by the ending of the movie since it isnt the same as the book. I hope they fix it in the second movie, and make it rated R since the book is pretty bloody. Alright thats enough of the commenting on the book.

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