Thursday, April 12, 2012

Amsterdam and catch up

I havent been around much mostly because our family laptop crashed so I have had internet withdrawals. Waz went out and bought us a schnazzy desktop so now I am chained to one location in order to drink tea and type. Makes me feel like I actually am doing something important. Anywho work has been going well, I added on a twice weekly watching of a boy with special needs each week so at least without a doubt I will be working for two days every week. Its nice for things to be stable around here. We are gearing up for our trip to Spain in less than three weeks (woohoooo) and I am nothing but excited. We finally bought our swimsuits yesteday and it looks like I am not the only one who will be in a tiny bikini lol. Thats right Wazi has some confidence.

I have also been working away at planning a trip for our unit to Berlin so Ive been busy crunching numbers and pretending like I am a travel advisor. I love this kind of stuff.

Our house has been pretty much running like a well oiled machine. I have been buying the most organic or natural foods I possibly can and our bodies definitely are shoing the results, we are less groggy and I am getting less headaches on top of it. I figured that since I was cleaning my body system and working out all the time that I might as well go natural with my hair too so Ive been growing it out since last fall and it is all kinds of crazy at the moment. I am getting it professionally done tomorrow to see if I like what the stylist can do and then Ill have her do it again a few days before our trip to spain.


Why yes, yes I am Amsterdam.
Clog shoe racing!

One of the multitude of canals on our one really sunny day.
The entrance to the Valkenburg caves. Yes I am super bundled because it was freezing AND I look as touristy as possible.

So we went on a multitude of adventures and museums and a dairy farm and saw a windmill and so much adventure in only 5 days. Hopefully the pictures load up enough, I have the rest on my facebook but I took over 100 in just the Valkenburg caves so I dont want to make anyones brain explode. If you notice my partner in crime is absent its because he couldnt get time off from work so I had to go without him. Sad... but that just means I have an excuse to go again and now I know where to take him.

So thats my week in a nutshell, sorta cool.

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